Monday, September 26, 2011

How lucky am I to have a September birthday

First thing, never have I ever had such a cold birthday before. On September 22, I turned 23, and it was 43 degrees outside. Ohhhh Russia.

This seriously was the most Russian birthday I ever had. It was awesome. It wasn't easy, spending most of the day cleaning and cooking and trying to find the right wine to buy (after my tutoring session with Yury Vladimirovitch, who gave me chocolates!!!) I invited over everyone I knew who was around my age plus Svetlana. It was a great excuse to invite over random people, and resulted in getting to know them better and probably having a new group of close friends.

Our beautiful dinner:

In the picture: Yuliya, Volodya, Svetlana, Sasha and Dasha (twins), me
Not in the picture: Zhenya (a former Fulbright from Chelyabinsk to America, she was taking the picture), Katya (she was late)

Most people spoke English to a degree but this night was Russian Russian Russian.

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